Party like it’s 1859: Ravers want to buy abandoned British fort at 1 Thames

The owner wants half a million pounds (about $828,000) for the 19th-century Grain Tower Battery, accessible by foot only at low tide across a slippery half-mile causeway. A band of Scottish ravers has raised about 55,000 pounds in a week and a half.

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Tiny Hall house is moving along.  This weekend, we are hoping to get a lot of the electrical hook ups finished up.  It’s been a week of figuring out KWH (I guess high school math did come in hand after all) watts and amps for every single possible items we “might” plug in, getting our final amp and watt numbers so we could finalize our solar system.  There are lots of kits out there and even components that go together nicely, but in the end we wanted something completely portable (like our house) and that was all tied together in one sun-trackable unit.  Sol-solutions, has the sol-man classic that will fit the bill just right.  We’ll also have a  back up genny 2,000-3,000 for “just incase”, but we are excited to finally have our choice made.